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CONTENT: The Intersection of Special Education & Social Justice

LOCATION: Firstline Schools (New Orleans, LA)

CONTENT: "Advancing Social Change within Public Education"

LOCATION: Essence Festival 2018 (New Orleans, LA)

CONTENT: K-6 Writing Alignment & Norming PD

LOCATION: Mountain Brook Elementary School (Mountain Brook, AL)

CONTENT: "Change the Game: Instructional & Culture Practices that Transform Schools" PD

LOCATION: School of Discovery (Selma, AL)

Background: About Us

Our Mission & Vision

 The quality of a community’s education system directly impacts the economic, political, and social well-being of a community.  Research confirms that the most important factor contributing to a student’s success is the quality of teaching, and the most important factor contributing to a teacher’s success is the quality of their preparation and on-going professional development. 

Founded in 2016, K. Allen Consulting, LLC is a national education consultancy that specializes in providing high-quality, culturally relevant professional development services to K-12 school districts, universities, and education nonprofits.  At K. Allen Consulting, we believe in adult learning experiences that are personalized to our clients' unique contexts and organizational goals. Our supports for teachers, principals, district leaders, and more encompass, but are not limited to professional development workshops, leadership coaching, motivational speaking, strategic planning, staff retreats, and guided off-site field experiences. 

We equip educators with the knowledge, skills, and practice necessary to lead culturally responsive classrooms and schools, dramatically increase and strengthen parental involvement and family engagement, increase and maintain student investment and staff morale, strengthen teacher and leader effectiveness, and so much more!

We work EVERYDAY to ensure that our children get access to a great education by way of ensuring that the adults that stand before them are well supported, developed, and equipped to best their best selves and do their very best work.

Our Founder/CEO, Krystal Hardy Allen

 Krystal Hardy Allen is the Founder & CEO of K. Allen Consulting™, both a doctoral student & a Clinical Faculty member of Columbia University (NYC), and a former elementary & middle school administrator (Principal & Asst. Principal).  As a Consultant, she supports K-12 teachers, principals, and district leaders within traditional public, private, and charter schools by: a) providing individualized leadership coaching and b) designing - as well as delivering - customized professional development workshops and a host of various adult learning experiences. As a Clinical Faculty member of Columbia University (NYC), she advises M.Ed. students within Columbia's Summer Principals Academy during their 1st year of studies, and designed and launched its first educational leadership seminar for women, particularly women of color in such roles.

Prior to launching K. Allen Consulting, LLC, Krystal spent 10 years in the field of education teaching, leading, and foremost, learning. She began her career teaching elementary school in rural South Louisiana, serving as an instructional coach for new teachers, leading as an elementary school Assistant Principal, and then as an elementary & middle school Principal. Krystal's work and passion for culturally relevant practices, coaching & professional development, social justice, and experiential learning are the driving forces and pillars within her leadership journey and personal story.

She frequently engages in public speaking engagements, particularly within university settings, middle & high schools, and legislative settings. She has been a guest of the White House within President Obama's administration in attendance of ESSA Policy formulation; shadowed and featured by national media, such as Yahoo News, The Hechinger Report, Education Weekly, The Christian Science Monitor, as well as local news media. Krystal is a 2014 Deloitte Principal Fellow (Deloitte's 100 Courageous Principals Program), a 2015 Nexus City Fellow,  a 2015 Urban League ULEAD fellow, the 2016 Teach for America-Greater New Orleans Catalyst Award winner on behalf of her leadership and activism with youth & families; the 2016 Urban League of Louisiana ULEAD Activist Award, a TFA-GNO Collective Board Member,  and Board Co-Chair of Playworks-Louisiana.

As a first generation college graduate, Krystal earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN), her Master of Education in Educational Leadership from NLU (Chicago, IL), and is also currently pursuing her Doctorate in Urban Educational Leadership from Columbia University (NYC). She is the proud wife of a fellow educator & athletic coach, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.;  a member of the Urban League Young Professionals, a member of Jelani Women, a member of the Alliance for Diversity & Equity, and a proud native of historic Selma, Alabama.

Past and Current KAC Clients

The United Negro College Fund

Ed Fuel

Horizon Science Academy - Belmont Campus

Kid smART

Alliance for Diversity & Excellence/ InspireNola Schools

Common's The Common Ground Foundation

Mountain Brook Elementary School

Relay Graduate School of Education

University of Notre Dame

Chicago Public Schools

Bhoomi Cane Water

The Urban Education Leaders Collaborative

The New Orleans Infant Mental Health Project

Durham Public Schools (UELC)

Kenilworth Science & Technology School

Navigate Her (Navigate Nola)


Firstline Schools (Special Education Leadership Fellowship)

Selma City Schools

Summer Principals Academy (Teachers College, Columbia University)

Miles Fellowship Program (The KIPP Foundation)

KIPP Jacksonville Schools

KIPP Central City Academy

KIPP Booker T. Washington High School

Valiant Cross Academy

Louisiana Public Health Institute

Concepts Schools (Chicago, IL) 

Hammonds Transportation

Within Reach College Counseling, LLC

...and growing!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What services do you provide?

K. Allen Consulting, LLC offers the following services to K-12 schools, school districts at large, colleges/universities, and education nonprofits:

  • Leadership Development Coaching
  • Design & Execution of Professional Development Workshops
  • Strategic Planning
  • Design & Execution of Team Retreats
  • Project Management
  • Performance Management
  • School Site Reviews
  • Guided Off-Site Field Visits
  • Organizational Document Creation & Review
  • Public Speaking

2) Where are you located, and do you travel?

K. Allen Consulting, LLC is a national education consultancy based in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Our Founder & CEO Krystal Allen, as well as supporting assistants who are certified, experienced educators + youth interns, provide the services listed above to clients anywhere in the United States, as well as anywhere globally. We currently support clients in cities and states across the country.


3) Are your services affordable?

Absolutely! While some services have flat fees and costs (such as the national mileage reimbursement rate), we customize our invoices to meet the: a) projected number of participants that will be present, b) the organization's budget, and c) the amount of preparation and labor that the client's desired experience will require.

Free Downloads

Below, you'll find teacher and leader resources spanning the following areas: a) ELA instructional coaching & lesson planning, b) Mathematics coaching & lesson planning, and c) building Culturally Responsive classrooms and school spaces. 

Planning for a Text Analysis Lesson (pdf)


Achieve The Core_Coaching ELA Guide_3rd-12th grade (pdf)


Achieve the Core_Coaching MATH Guide_K to 8th Grade (pdf)


Standards for Mathematical Practice_ELEM Student Version (pdf)


Gloria Ladson Billings_The Case for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (pdf)


Becoming Culturally Responsive Educators: Rethinking Teacher Education (pdf)


K-12 Anti Bias Framework (pdf)


Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education (pdf)


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